Baroque at the Cock & Bull

The Guernsey Baroque Band has a large, floating membership and usually play on the third Monday of every month from 8-10pm at the Cock & Bull in St Peter Port. Fantastic live music, great atmosphere and lovely real ale, equals a great night out!

Ever since 2006, I have often taken my camera along to these evenings, but photographing the musicians remains quite challenging. Light levels are very low and musicians don’t stay still! Even with ultra fast lenses it is impossible to avoid high ISO levels to achieve shutter speeds that have a chance of freezing the action.

This is the first time I have used my new 85mm f/1.2 for the job and I was worried that it would be impossible to achieve focus fast enough to get any successful shots (my 50mm f/1.4 hunts quite badly in low light conditions). However, I needn’t have worried, even at f/1.2 the lens coped very well and I was able to get good sharpness where it mattered.

At f/1.2 I was able to get shutter speeds of 1/125sec at ISO 2500 on my Canon 5D Mark II.

The programme and band members: 

Programme for Monday 23 August at 8.00pm at the C & Bull
Bach violin concerto in a – Roger Coull
Boyce symphony no 2 in A
Handel Arr of Q Sheba
Telemann horn concerto in D – Dave Ansell
Telemann viola concerto – Mandy Bennett
Marcello oboe concerto – Ruth Berresford
Vivaldi double violin concerto in a – Roger Coull & Philip Gallaway
The Band:
Oboes:                  Ruth Berresford & Liz Courtney
Horn:                     Dave Ansell
Violins:                  Roger Coull & Philip Gallaway – guest appearances
                            Becky Hamilton, Nicole Wyatt, Rachel Greenwood & Josh de Kooker
Viola:                    Mandy Bennett
Cellos:                  Chiara Beebe & Frankie Lihou
Bass:                    Dave Ayre
Keyboard:              Seb Grand


Here are a small selection of images from the evening (Click on images to view large!)