Jools Holland

One advantage of living in a small island community like Guernsey is that it is much easier to get permission to photograph concerts like these and after the results I achieved from the Katherine Jenkins concert earlier in the year, Karen was very pleased to have me on-board to photograph the event.

I attended both nights; it was useful to have a second chance to capture key moments from a different view-point!

The band were very laid back and more than happy for me to mingle back-stage and take a few informal shots. On the first night I had quite a good chat with 80s star Mark Almond! Jools himself seemed to be quite a shy person, but very pleasant. At the end of the second concert he inquired “Did you get some nice shots?”... I replied, “Yes, I think so!”.....

Here are a few of my favourites.

Jools - warming up backstageVocalist Louise MarshallJools on Guitar
Derek Nash on Alto SaxJools in action
Ruby TurnerMark Almond