Dan & Sarah

When, early in 2009, Dan Edmunds, a friend and fellow landscape photographer asked me to photograph his wedding (3 July 2010), I agreed without hesitation. Wedding photography is a highly demanding, yet rewarding photographic genre and I definitely wanted to gain relevant experience. I know Dan fairly well, but had yet to meet his fiancee, Sarah. So, as the wedding date drew closer, I suggested that I should take some portraits of the happy couple as a means of getting to know both Dan and Sarah better.

After several reminders, Dan finally arranged a date and we agreed to meet at Petit Bot bay on the south coast to find a suitable location or two on the scenic cliff paths.

This was the first time that I had employed off-camera flash on location. I used my Lastolite Ezybox hotshoe softbox with a Canon 580 EX II speedlite. I was pleased with the soft lighting that it produced.