Beautiful Guernsey - Time Lapse Film

Beautiful Guernsey has been my home for 17 years. Over the last six years I have, like many local photographers, photographed the island's beautiful and dramatic coastal scenery. Having seen several stunning examples of motion time-lapse film-making, I was inspired to create a short film to show how beautiful Guernsey really is. So, with a week off work at Easter I was determined to photograph and create enough time-lapse footage to complete the visual part of the project. I don't own a motion dolly so asked my friend Karl Taylor if I could borrow his for the week. Thanks Karl!

The film's structure covers two days, dawn to dusk, showing dramatic sunrises and sunsets. I have tried to show as many different aspects of the island, the awakening of Guernsey's inshore fishing boats, sandy beaches, St Peter Port marinas, south coast cliffs, WWII occupation and historical monuments.

Having completed the visuals, I needed some suitable music, ideally, an original composed score, by a Guernsey born composer...? I knew just such a person, the currently London-based
Angus MacRae.

I contacted Angus via email and he was instantly enthusiastic about the project. The score that he has composed is truly wonderful, perfectly conveying the mood of the film and building to a dramatic climax (You can get it here.

Technical Details:
Camera: Canon 5D II
Lenses: Canon 16-35 f/2.8L II, Canon 24mm f/1.4 L II
Dolly: Dynamic Perception Stage-Zero Dolly
Capture: Canon SRAW2
Post Processing: Apple Aperture 3.2
Time-lapse creation: Time Lapse Assembler V1.5.2 (Created by Dan Bridges)
Movie Production: Apple iMovie 11

View in HD, Fullscreen with Volume UP!


Here are a few photos of the time lapse in action and a few choice still-frames!

At the Guet




Petit Bot

Bordeaux Harbour


Careening Hard

Sunrise from Fort George